About the Author

Ruth Gordon

Ruth Whitman Gordon married her childhood crush, Ira, who are both native Miamians, where they still reside, living close to their families. Ruth earned her undergraduate degree in education from the University of Florida and her master’s degree from the University of Maryland. Ruth has accrued many honors and awards throughout her career that have included Dade County Social Studies Teacher of the Year. She has been a teacher since 1972, teaching Special Education and gifted education from K-12. Ruth was one of the developers of the LD/Gifted curriculum for Dade County Schools.

Ruth developed and has served as the executive producer for Holocaust Impact Theater, a unique high school theater project that affords students to write, perform, produce, and direct their own original scripts. These productions address timely issues of social injustice and intolerance while encouraging acceptance and diversity. The Holocaust is the common thread of every story and used as a reference to understand the dangers of hate.

"It is our differences that make us unique and special. Learning struggles should not define who a person is. It is not the height of the hurdles you face, but rather how you get over them and how you land that matters."